Art Essay

Art used to be a complete different thing to what it is nowadays.

It was once all about painting and drawing the photography but it has

changed a lot since the camera and recording both have

been invented. What happened to art? The reason why art is completely

different now is because this person invented recording so you don’t need

to hand paint or draw your photography. It was a lot harder and more time

consuming to hand paint your photography then to just get a camera

and take a picture or record what you want to develop. The main way art

changed was the ability to capture an image to be painted or sketched later.

Many artist were upset because they had no job because people no longer

had to get a hand painted portrait. They could get a better picture of themselves

for less money and it didn’t take as long.


Marcel Duchamp was one of the many great artist out there but he was different

to all of the other artist, he used unusual objects and materials to turn into

artwork. Marcel was the person that wanted to challenge art and see how

creative he could be with his artwork. Marcel created the ‘fountain’ this is one

of his most famous artworks in the twentieth century. Marcel was a famous

artist because he inspired lots of people to be creative and think outside of

the box, his artwork is most likely some of the coolest and most strangest

art work you may possible ever see in your life. Marcel got the idea making

artwork a challenge amongst himself because he got the idea of artwork off his

mum, she used to paint landscapes. She had seven children which she would

paint lovely portraits of her children. Marcel was different to his brothers and

sisters, he was more creative and was always wanting to discover things.

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